People meditate for different reasons, and my reason has evolved over the years. Initially, I was trying to reach the "nirvana state of mind", but let's just say that's not gonna happen any time soon.

During my attempts at trying to get something extraordinary, exquisite, extraterrestrial or just anything that starts with an "extra", I started to experience VISIONS.

I don't know what they are and where do they come from; sometimes I can find a connection between the vision and the current state of events in my life, sometimes there is no connection at all. Sometimes visions are scary, sometimes ridiculous and sometimes hilarious, but regardless of their nature, THEY ARE and that I know for sure.

It remains a mystery why am I experiencing them. It is even a bigger mystery why one morning, after having yet another vision during meditation, a question came to my mind:

If tomorrow never comes, what would be the last thing you would like to publish?

I guess you know the answer by now, and if you're curious, your welcome to read it below.

There is no fancy editing, so don't expect my finest writing here ;-) It's a simple process: when I meditate and I have a vision, I immediately write it down in my journal by hand. I don't allow myself to spend more than 10 minutes on describing it, as the purpose is to capture the essence of the experience in its most raw, unfiltered form.

So, my dear reader, risking a total public ridicule (but then again, did that ever stopped me?) I am sharing with you my Cosmic Traveling, courtesy of Meditation.

It could be that those visions are not for me, and if they are for you, I hope you will find this page.