This is not your Everyday Writing Project

- so think twice, before you enter. Or thrice. And then think again, just in case.


Dark Thoughts Download is a writing experiment created by two people who met in very sophisticated circumstances aka on Tinder.

She writes a page of a totally random shit and he answers back with a next page. And so on.

They never talk about what they are supposed to write so there's no agreement about the plot, the characters or the genre. There's no grande idea, no planning and no editing; It's unpredictable and spontaneous as fuck.

The only rule is: Each of them needs to continue the writing based on the last sentence from the latest page they've received.

Apart from that, RAW Dark Thoughts Download


Dark Thoughts Download.jpg

Reader discretion is advised


Warning: The following Writing Experiment contains strong language, graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, scenes that may be perceived by some readers as violent and multiple religious references that could potentially offend some readers' feelings. besides, it's bat-shit crazy at points.