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Cosmic Traveling (Meditation Journal) 5: The Guardian

I see a person in a long white cloth playing the harp. I look at him and then I hear a voice coming from another direction, saying: "I can't help you if you don't ask"
I know that it's my guardian talking. I try to understand what it means and to start a conversation with the owner of the voice, but soon I realize that my mind thinks. I am using a conscious, rational brain. I went out of the meditative state and I am attempting to reason instead of to observe.

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Cosmic Traveling (Meditation Journal) 4: Rosa Parks

Suddenly I find myself on the bus with Rosa Parks and many other black people. Rosa sits calmly, knitting something. I look at her, and she smiles at me. It hits me right then at that moment that she has no idea. No idea at all, that very soon in the future she will go to sit in front of the bus and change the history as we know it.

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Cosmic Traveling (Meditation Journal) 3: Queen of My Body

I realize that there are no "bad cells"; everything is neutral but when it accumulates in a certain way it becomes negative. Every single atom and element is needed, the problem lies in the accumulation and sequence. Once it is properly and evenly integrated into the Universe it becomes indifferent.

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