Cosmic Traveling (Meditation Journal) 1: UMBRELLA


I see above my head an immense cloud of a pulsing, bright energy. It looks like a night sky full of sparkling stars, but the color is golden.

The cloud shape itself into an umbrella, a huge umbrella above my head, and once I am under it, I feel safe and healthy.

A ray of golden light emerges from the umbrella and slowly gets into my body, starting from a top of my head. I feel that the energy is healing me from the inside, including my bladder, and I feel fully rejuvenated. After healing is completed, the golden energy starts to shine out of my body and I feel like having more people under the umbrella and sharing this soothing, healing light with them. Soon my daughter is with me. We embrace and she smiles.

Suddenly I feel the old sadness. The sadness that I felt when I realized back in a day that there is no GOD - at least not in a form I always imagined. I craved so badly for a God to be the superior energy that takes care of us and protects us, but with time I have realized that God is everything and everyone. That there is no "one superior entity" - we are all God.

And that made me profoundly sad, firstly because I didn't know to whom to pray anymore. Secondly, because I felt like I lost a father.

But somehow now, while having my vision, my sadness finally disappeared. Maybe I have realized that although we are all ONE, some of us are way more ahead and those are the ones that are here to guide us and to protect us.

And then I wondered, am I here to guide someone?