Cosmic Traveling (Meditation Journal) 2: Opportunities


I am floating in a river.

The current takes me gently and I feel relaxed and light. I feel like floating like this forever, with no worries and no problems.

While floating, I look left and right and I see that on both shores of the river things starts to emerge. I don't see them clearly at first, but after a while a realize that these are opportunities - different jobs, projects, people, locations - and they are all ready for me to grab them. If only I reached out with my hand I could have any of it, but the floating with the current is so blissful and relaxing that it is not so easy to make an effort.

After some time I realize that if I don't grab any of them, they will pass me by forever. And I will be forever floating, being very comfortable but having no real progress.

So I decide to grab one, and it's a project I had on my mind for a longer time. Then I grab another one and it's a job, but I don't know what type of a job that is. I feel those opportunities as if they were physical objects. I hold them close to me and surprisingly they don't drag me down. I am still floating, but this time not only I feel relaxed but also fulfilled.

I realize that I can easily grab more opportunities and still float undisturbed. I look around again and I see millions and millions of opportunities waiting on both shores of the river.

They are endless.

Soon after I see a giant ant on one of the shores; it is of a size of an elephant. This bizarre occurrence doesn't frighten me, I actually reach out to it and pet it on the head as it was a dog. The ant does me no harm. On the other side of the river, I see two spiders, even bigger than the ant. They observe me and when we establish an eye contact, one of them starts waving to me. I wave back.

Then they walk away.

Weird, huh?