Cosmic Traveling (Meditation Journal) 4: Rosa Parks

rosa parks.png

I am on the abandoned train station. It looks familiar, like the one I lived nearby when I was a kid. I stand on the tracts, and in front of me, there are old rusted wagons. Usually, this view gives me creeps (courtesy of Twin Peaks), but this time I don't feel anything particular when I look at it.

Then, I find myself in a lotus position levitating. I feel like I am inside of a sphere made out of two golden Saturn-alike rings. I realize I'm in deep space and I see a person in front of me, floating. I don't know who that is, but I feel it's my Protector. I look at him, and he makes a gesture with his hand that pushes the sphere that I am in, forward. I start drifting into an unknown, but I feel no fear.

Soon after I find myself on an endless field of green grass. The field is empty except for a one huge tree standing somewhere in the distance. I lay down, and I feel the wet grass on my back. I close my eyes, and I start to hear "Rosa Parks" song by Outcast.

Suddenly I find myself on the bus with Rosa Parks and many other black people. Rosa sits calmly, knitting something. I look at her, and she smiles at me. It hits me right then at that moment that she has no idea. No idea at all, that very soon in the future she will go to sit in front of the bus and change the history as we know it.

I smile back. She is so lovely. We travel in silence; the bus takes us through an endless field of grass. The sky is pitch dark, except shimmering starts. I feel happy.

And then I feel it very strongly: In one of my previous lives, I was black.