Cosmic Traveling (Meditation Journal) 3: Queen of My Body

queen of my body.png

I sit in a lotus pose with my eyes closed and I hear the sound of the rain, but I'm not getting wet. Instead of raindrops, what falls on me are silver coins. An endless rain of silver coins. That makes me joyful and happy.

I grab a hand of coins and I change them into a plane ticket for someone who needs to go somewhere far away to say goodbye to a member of a family that has just passed away.

Afterward, "the silver coin rain" turns into a gold, shimmering healing energy. That energy fulfills me and restores everything in my body so it is back to a perfect balance. Suddenly I realize that my body is MINE. And everything that is in my body, the good and the bad, including a cyst that grows in my bladder is a part of ME as well.

I don't hate the cyst, because that cyst is an integral part of me and by hating it, I would hate a part of myself. I realize that the cyst symbolizes an imperfection in me, and by having negative feelings towards it, I am rejecting my shadow self.

I suddenly know what to do. I get an overwhelming feeling that I am the Queen of My Own Body and epiphany gives me an immense sense of power. I realize that my body obeys my will and my wish so I tell the cyst that I need to let IT go and I say it in the most loving way. We say goodbye and soon after it leaves my bladder and drifts away.

Afterward, I see a man that I care about. I touch his chest and I make it shine with the golden, shimmering energy. He is immediately restored to a state of a perfect health.

Then, I see him swimming underwater and I can observe how the part of him that caused sickness and pain turns into a black fog and leaves his body. The fog moves through water, up to the surface and then out to space. It is not harmful anymore, as it disintegrates and then perfectly integrates with the Universe.

I realize that there are no "bad cells"; everything is neutral but when it accumulates in a certain way it becomes negative. Every single atom and element is needed, the problem lies in the accumulation and sequence. Once it is properly and evenly integrated into the Universe, it becomes indifferent.