“Which Star Wars character are you according to your zodiac sign” is a “funny game”



“Star Wars” marathon: My daughter and I.


“Aleks, I read a funny article today: Which Star Wars character are you according to your zodiac sign

Her interest awakens.

“That sounds super cool mom! Who am I?”
“I have no idea”
“Come on Aleks, search your feelings”
“Very funny mom! Tell me!”
“You are Kylo Ren

/this will be awesome/

“Whaaat? Whaaat? I cannot be Kylo Ren! What the hell, mom! I don’t even have a lightsaber!”

/hahaha, that’s her line of argumentation?/

“You don’t need to have a lightsaber to be an emotional rollercoaster, dear”
“Mom, come on! I am much kinder on the outside than my feelings inside are!”

/Excuse me, what?!/

“I am not Kylo Ren! I cannot be! He has all these temper tantrums! And he's a boy!!
“If you say so…”

I know she wants to argue to prove her point but with her high pitched voice, fiery eyes and wild gesticulation she slowly starts to resemble… you know who.

And she knows.

Tantrum alert has cleared immediately.

“And who are you?”
Han Solo?

Is this how my daughter sees me? After a quick consideration, that’s pretty dope.

“Hahaha no. I’m Yoda”
“Hmm… actually that fits you”
“You think?”
“Yes. You say a lot of wise stuff in a weird way and I am not sure if anyone understands you.
“And you are small”
“Hahaha. An interesting opinion you have, my dear”
“That was such a Yoda thing to say”

5 minutes later.

“Mom don’t worry. Even if I’m like Kylo Ren I would NEVER kill you. I don’t feel the pull to the dark. And I don’t have a lightsaber”
“Darling, I’m not worried. I would be worried only if I was Han Solo. Or your father.”

Whenever my sweet yet highly emotional daughter gets into a tantrum mode, I call her Kylo. Works like a charm every single time – she calms down immediately.

Last time, however, she added:

“Mom, this is NOT how Yoda would behave”

Somehow, I feel no shame. I guess that’s the Han Solo in me.