Pink Sexy Unicorn: Christmas Miracle Edition



The Christmas Madness

Ok people, so Christmas is coming. I know, because:

  • I just dug out my legwarmers from a box labeled “stuff for a heavy winter”
  • My neighbors from the other side of the street have just installed pretty obnoxious decorations that say “It’s Christmas, let’s disco”
  • I cannot pass a city center without someone trying to sell me some roasted almonds /where the hell is a mulled wine, btw?/
  • And my daughter just asked me where is “The Kevin Movie” on DVD

I guess it’s official. The annual Christmas Madness has begun.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… NOT

Before I will get all green and Grinch-y, let me start by saying that I love Christmas. Regardless of what you will read below, I need you to know that I am a total sucker for it and I believe with all my heart in Christmas Miracles.

/I also believe that animals speak the human voice on the 24th of December, and no, I wasn’t drunk when I’ve heard them talking/

But people, let’s just face it, CHRISTMAS SUCKS AS WELL

Remember that “Kevin kid” from “Home Alone”? /btw, I have to tell my daughter that the DVD is missing/. Well, let me remind you that his parents left him ALONE in the attic and went on Christmas holidays TO PARIS. That kid was only 8 years old!

And he was ALONE
Fighting two pretty dumb “Wet Bandits” who were trying to rob his house.
Putting himself in a constant danger and missing his mom badly in a process.

I don’t know how about you, but for me, this looks like a strong case for social services.
Especially that next year they did kind of the same…

How about George from “It’s Wonderful Life”, The Best Christmas Movie EVER? Dude tries to kill himself ON A CHRISTMAS EVE because he’s so down and depressed that he sees no light in a tunnel. All he tried to do his entire life is to help his community (compromising his own dreams of traveling the world) and he ends up despaired, bankrupt and suicidal.

Now that’s what I call Christmas!


Magic vs Bullshit

See, Christmas is THE time of magic, but unfortunately, the amount of that magic is equal to the amount of the bullshit.

The salary is gone somewhere around 5th of December. Heartbreaks hurt twice as much. We get even more lonely, looking for the true connection that’s buried under tons of flashy Christmas decorations.

People get obsessed with getting “the perfect present” and invade shopping malls like its 1944 on the coast of Normandy. Homemakers are getting numb limbs from spending countless hours on decorating, cleaning and cooking, to end up with mental and physical exhaustion somewhere around 24th of December. Plus, we are forced to attend countless “Christmas events” with people we don’t like doing stuff we hate.

And did I mention that we start to mysteriously gain weight from the very beginning of the month even if theoretically that shouldn’t happen until the actual Christmas?

If the entire year was a computer game, December would be the last level where you have a chance to unlock your “pro” skills.

Of getting stressed, bankrupt, and depressed


The “Real” Christmas Experience

And we agree on this whole Christmas mania as deep down inside, we all search for that mystical “Christmas Experience”.

Most of the times, however, we search in all the wrong places –  in “the- picture-perfect-Coca-Cola-commercial- Christmas-Eve”, in some fancy, expensive gifts, in mountains of food and buzz or in mass-produced “copy-paste” Christmas wishes, send via Facebook Messenger.

But my personal belief is that at the end of the day, all we are really searching for is HOW TO CONNECT. Connect with our childhood memories, connect with the divine, connect with other humans. And last but now least – connect with ourselves.

If you want to have an authentic “Christmas Experience” you need to quit all this bullshit and stop waiting for the miracles to happen.

Instead, f***ing create them yourself.


Pink Sexy Unicorn – Christmas Miracle Edition

Do you know what pink sexy unicorn is /beside the fact that it’s a unicorn that is pink and sexy/? It is simply a KIND person. Someone, who makes just a little bit of effort to perform a small act of kindness every single day in order to change the world.

Pink Sexy Unicorn is a lifetime employment. You never get days off and you don’t retire. You are persistent in your quest and you never give up. You try to convince as many people as you can to join you /just like Jehovas witness, minus the door-to-door harassment/.

You are pretty much the Terminator: human and friendly version

/meaning no heavy guns, endoskeleton and red eye/.

It’s not about the grandiosity of your gestures, it’s all about the mindset.It’s nothing more than an awareness that absolutely every single second of your life can be improved if you turn to kindness as a weapon of choice.


The Dream

So listen guys, I have a dream /how Martin Luther King of me, I know/ – This December I want to perform and inspire as many small acts of kindness as I can. I want to activate “The Pink Sexy Unicorn” in you and ask you to slow down a bit with Christmas Bullshit and tune into Christmas Miracle frequency instead.

I convinced my best friend Marta to do it with me; my daughter said she’s “in” as well. That makes three, which is good enough. We are planning to approach it in the “Advent Christmas Calendar” style – each day, from 1stuntil 24th of December we will open “new kindness window” by doing something nice for others and share it publicly with everyone who’s interested.


Show some Freaking Kindness!

To have a place for “sharing and caring”, we have made a special Facebook Group called “Show some Freaking Kindness” /which is created under You’ve Got 5 Options Facebook Page/ and all of you are most welcome to join and sneak peak on our progress.

For those of you who like Challenges or have a dream of becoming “Pink Sexy Unicorn: Christmas Miracle Edition” /like seriously, who doesn’t?/ we have an offer that you can’t refuse: JOIN US! Set yourself a goal of doing ONE SMALL ACT OF KINDNESS every day until 24th of December. It’s time to make some Christmas miracles people!

We are starting 1st of December. And if you decide to join us, please drop a sentence/picture in the group once in a while to share with others your kindness and inspire the rest. The group is public so you are most welcome to share it with your friends and family and with the world.

Remember, sharing is caring!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… IT IS!

So I was just wondering why do I always come back to “Home Alone” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”, even if basically those are stories of an abandoned little kid and a suicidal man, respectively. The answer is pretty simple: Because they are The ultimate Christmas Miracles stories with a happy ending. And the happy endings are possible only because of SMALL ACTS OF KINDNESS.

It’s Christmas Eve and Kevin is (still) alone and terrified of “Wet Bandits” /in his defense, he’s only 8-years-old/ so he runs to the local church for shelter. He surprisingly finds comfort and courage to stand up to “Wet Bandits” and defend his home in a conversation with Old Man “Marly” – THE scary neighbor, who turns out to be a lovely man. Marly, on the other hand, gets inspired to call his son after years of not speaking and finally spends Christmas with his estranged family.

See how a friendly small talk can change someone’s life?

That’s one.

In the meantime, Kevin’s mother is trying to get home to her son by any possible means. In a moment of a pure despair, the “Christmas Hero” Gus Polinski, a lead member of a traveling polka band, offers her a seat in the van and promises her that she will get home for Christmas.

Guy Polinski just managed to reunite a family by offering help to a complete stranger at the airport.

That’s two.

How about George from “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

Just when he’s about to jump from the bridge, his Guardian Angels appears and shows him the version of the world, where he was never born. It turns out, that George not only touched people’s lives by his actions – he actually saved a lot of them, without even realizing!

And at the very end, when George comes back home to his family, he discovers that THE ENTIRE TOWN donated the money, his debt is covered and the firm is saved from a bankruptcy.

That’s… three, four, five…? Honestly, I lost my count


24 Acts of Kindness

So this year we’re heading for 24.

Yeap that’s TWENTY FOUR.

They may not be the life-changing, grandiose gestures but they will be gestures nevertheless.

Maybe someone will smile.
Maybe someone will feel better,
Or less lonely,
Or more inspired.
Or maybe we will save someone’s life by simply not killing him after he pisses us off.

Every gesture counts


Sometimes when I watch “It’s a wonderful life” I wonder how the world would be like, if I haven’t been born. The most disturbing thought is… that it would be exactly the same. It would mean that I haven’t touched any lives in a positive way or didn’t do anything of value for others.

And it kind of sucks

/sucks even more, when I think that the world would be actually better without me/

Honestly, I don’t know if what I do brings something positive to this world, but I go for kindness anyway. After all, the consequences of small acts of kindness are unpredictable and not really measurable, yet the potential that lies in them is endless.

So, let the Christmas Advent Calendar begins!