Ladies First: PAGE 1



Explicit content. Reader discretion is adviced


She was driving for hours and the only additional thing she had been doing was sliding over her front teeth with a tongue. One was missing, and feeling the blood and ripped flesh was as addictive as it was soothing.

They say that a long drive on an empty highway with a bottle of hard liquor is as good as meditation. It takes you places. Just like now.

There he was. On a side of the road, butt naked, hanging sadly from a shiny, metal cross.

Her own personal Jesus.

She pulled over and thought he looked like a naked guy spread all over the disco ball.

- What do we have here... - he smiled - I was expecting you. How’s the tooth?

- Missing

- So it is

- Why is the cross shining?

- So you can see me better, silly girl

- And where's the rest of the crew?

- The crew?

- Aren’t you usually in “The Tree Amigos” type of guy?

- Those morons? I fired them. I work solo now. They’ve missed the greatest virtue

- which is…?

- Patience - and then he added - I’ve been waiting for you here for 9 years.

- Is that so?

- I have a message for you, but first, you could blow me a little

- Naughty little Christ… aren’t you supposed to cultivate celibacy?

- See, I was always surrounded by morons - he laughed - What they’ve written in those books was an obvious overinterpretation

- So what’s the message?

- An unexpected twist in a story. He is alive

- That’s impossible. I blew his fucking head off

- You never kill from a place of a desperation. Your little pathetic manifesto of independence has backfired. You’ve made him immortal

- I will blow you if you shut up

- Don’t tempt me, little girl. There is a time for pleasure but there is a time for the purpose as well. Now it’s the latter. Although putting my dick through that hole in your teeth is as tempting as it could ever get

- Where is he now?

- In one of the parallel dimensions. But he’s coming for you

- The feeling of panic spread quickly over her soul; just like waves on the shore when the tide is high

- I have something to cheer you up. Look down - she saw a little shiny object next to her shoe - Take it, it’s your tooth.

- It was indeed. She picked it up and placed it in a gum. It was a perfect match.

- I gotta go. Do you want that blowjob?

- Somehow, with a tooth back on, it’s not so arousing anymore. Don’t take it personally.

- Fine. I can take you to the other side then - she added, pulling out the gun from her back

- Oh, silly girl. I may die now, but we’ll meet again. Time is a flat circle. Besides, if I were you, I would save them bullets. You’ll need them.


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