Is the world filled with kindness? Yes, if you pay attention



After three long days of being bunkered home due to severe cold, I finally left the house.

I had some errands to run, but the main selling point was that early in the morning I run out of a toilet paper, tissues, napkins and paper towels and was faced with the cruel reality of blowing my nose in a sock.

I’ve tried that solution once; if you chose the right sock, it’s quite acceptable, but somehow you cannot look at that sock the same way ever again.

Plus, using a sock as an aid to get rid of the mucus is a clear warning sign that even bigger challenge is ahead: you will have to use a toilet at one point, and let’s just say, no sock deserves that kind of treatment.

Even if it’s  “one of those” who is without a pair.

This is Sparta!


where do the lonely socks go.jpg

/random thought, how many “pair-less” socks can one human have?Today morning I’ve discovered a full box of “singles” that are still waiting for their beloved ones to come back to the drawer. I think they are trying to recreate the movie version of the Battle of Thermopylae because soon they’ll reach a number of 300.

Btw, they don’t need to, for me “This is Sparta” already/


Coming back to the topic…

I had to leave the house, despite my health, my looks and the flood of mucus (or actually, BECAUSE of the mucus).

I even took a shower before and made an attempt to look decent, but the success rate of that endeavor was rather low.

How do I know? Well, everywhere I went, people were truly concerned and worried.

“Are you ok?”

“Do you need to sit down?”

“You don’t look well”

“You should go back home and rest”

Apparently, I DO NOT have an appearance of a “Lion the fighter – strong looking – not giving up against all odds” sick person. I rather look like one of those poor and tortured kittens you see on Facebook and feel like adopting them or something.


poor kitten.jpg


But even though my runny eyes, liters of mucus falling from my nose (I didn’t take the sock with me – even I have some limits regarding extravagant behavior in public) and a lot of coughing, I’ve managed to notice something.

People are kind.

They are actually god damn kind and that’s a really cool feeling.

My neighbor from the block whom I’ve met while leaving the building offered to make shopping for me, even if she was not planning to go to the market in the first place.

Random person in a supermarket organized a mini-search for a ginger as I couldn’t find it,

Assistant at the self-checkout machine helped me to scan my toilet paper (that wasn’t necessary, still it’s the gesture that counts),

A man that was ahead of me in the line at the Post Office almost forced me to go in front of him as “You should go home immediately and take some rest”.

Post Office lady shared her Grandma recipe for a “miraculous tea”(surprise, surprise – Ginger was included) and gave me some tips for getting better (lot of C-Vitamine and water – not a huge revelation but AGAIN it’s the gesture that counts).

At least 4 other randomly met people asked me if I’m ok and wished me a quick recovery.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of inspiring compassion through sickness, but THAT FELT GOOD.

It felt good to know that people care; not about me in particular but about “random human being” who looks unwell.

So, if there is any purpose of this little note, I guess it boils down to this:


Everyday, random acts of kindness are totally cool.

And super sexy. 


Being nice and kind to another human costs literally nothing and can change someone’s day. So even if I’m currently sick, I came back home totally happy.

/and also because I was finally able to blow my nose in something made out of paper/