20 reasons why you need to see “Thor: Ragnarok” in the cinema RIGHT NOW


Message to the world people, it’s official: Thor Ragnarok is the best Avengers franchise movie ever made. And you can quote me one that.

It has everything: Outstanding visual effects, cheeky sense of humor, characters that finally act out of their character, plenty of Easter Eggs and clapbacks and “short-hair, one-eyed” Thor, who looks as fresh as the entire movie.

Here’s my personal list of 20 reasons why newest “Thor” is the new “It girl” in the Avengers franchise and trust me – I worked hard to cut my list to 20.

And of course, be aware that some SPOILERS are right ahead.

If you prefer to be surprised and decide to pass this article, for now, I’ll be happy to have you here later; you may be in a deep need to relive your memories about the total awesomeness you have just experienced in the cinema.


20 reasons you need to move your ass to the cinema RIGHT NOW and see “Thor: Ragnarok”

/Notable mention: My 11-year-old daughter – who is a huge Marvel fan – saw “Ragnarok” with me. She helped me with making the list and with its final cut, so huge props to the little one/


1: That time, when Thor tries to keep a dialog while rotating around himself in chains

It is not the funniest neither the most spectacular scene in the movie, but it’s a great opening that gives us a heads up about what kind of treat we are in for.

We see Thor imprisoned in some “burning hell” type of a place, having a conversation with Surtur (very big, very orange and very pompous demon). Thor is tightly wrapped in chains, hanging in a weird position and talking to Surtur, while slowly rotating around himself.

Half of the dialog between two characters, consist of Thor’s attempts to stop the involuntary self-rotation and trying to catch up with Surtur “Ragnarok Prophecy” story.

That was the first LOL the audience has shared and it hasn’t been 5 minutes into a movie yet!



2: That time, when Loki holds a play in his own honor aka The Best Cameos ever

/This one was a real surprise that no one saw coming. If you want a fresh experience it in the cinema, move on to the Reason 3/

Not to spoil too much of a plot: The only thing you need to know is that Loki has directed a theatre production, showing “slightly” exaggerated version of the events from “Thor: The Dark World” (which, in itself, is pretty hilarious), presenting himself as heroic martyr who sacrificed his life for people of Asgard. Thor arrives home in the middle of the play and sees his brother, father and himself played by the A-list Asgardians actors.

And what an A-List that is!

Thor is played by Luke Hemsworth (Chris’ real-life older brother), Odin – by the great Sam Neil, and Loki – by no other than Matt Damon!

I literally haven’t seen that coming! One of the best cameos ever.


3: That time, when Doctor Strange teleports around

Everyone who has seen “Doctor Strange” (and has patiently waited till the end-credits scene), knew that Stephen Strange will make a cameo appearance in “Thor: Ragnarok”.

It’s short, but it’s truly funny. Dr. Strange, while talking to Thor, keeps on teleporting around, taking “The God of Thunder” with him, which makes Thor nauseous and confused (and ultimately causes him to fall down the stairs). Plus, the dialogs are totally hilarious (especially that moment when Thor explains what “electronic letter” is)

Not to mention that in the meantime Loki “has been falling for 30 minutes!”

thor ragnarok doctor strange.png


4. Hela’s clapback at Loki’s “Kneel” speech from “the Avengers”

Just before Hela destroys Thor’s Hammer in one of the most spine-chilling scenes of the movie, she demands from brothers to kneel

Hela: Kneel!
Loki: I beg your pardon?

This is such a sweet 3 seconds to watch! From all the people in the 9 realms, Loki is the least entitled to “beg any pardon”. We still remember his slightly over the top “Kneeling demand” from the first “Avengers” movie, hence his reply to Hela in this context is totally funny.


A throwback to Loki’s Kneel Speech

5: That time, when Hela destroys Thor’s Hammer

If you’ve seen a trailer (come on, of course, you did!), the scene where Hela destroys Thor’s hammer will not shock you anymore – but it will still give you chills.

Everyone who has any basic knowledge about the Avengers (or, alternatively about Norse Mythology) knows that Mjolnir cannot be destroyed.

Theoretically, that is, because Hela effortlessly proves the theory to be wrong and she turns Thor’s hammer in a sad pile of rocks.

The scene is epic. It is designed to hit us in a face and it does exactly that. It is also supposed to tell us that there is a new powerful villain on the block and shit is about to get real.


The “Kneel” and “Hela destroys the Mjolnir” scene


6: Valkyrie with an alcohol problem

And the award for the “Best Ragnarok Entrance Scene” goes to…  Odin’s once “Elite troops” soldier turned “freelance bounty hunter alcoholic” Valkyrie.

I didn’t get any special vibe about her when I was watching the trailers – I thought she’ll serve as “just another” one-dimensional female addition, filling in the gap left by Natalie’s Portman’s departure from the franchise. Boy, was I wrong!

She’s hot and she kicks ass – that’s a given. But she also has an additional depth – something that isn’t usually granted to female characters in the superhero movies. Her story is a typical tale of a highly decorated soldier who went through a nervous breakdown and lost all the hope in the process. We witness her being haunted by the traumatic memories of the past and drowning her sorrows in countless bottles of hard liquor.

Something we’ve seen many times, but mostly in case of the male characters.

It’s a pleasure to watch Valkyrie. And her “grand entrance” when she falls from the ship due to the heavy intoxication, will become legendary.


Valkyrie chilling in a bar with yet another bottle

Valkyrie chilling in a bar with yet another bottle


7: The Grandmaster (with a strong aversion to the “S-word”)

I have to be honest here, Jeff Goldblum (who plays The Grandmaster) is one of my all-time actor crushes, so for me, it’s always exciting to see him on the screen. But trying to keep it real, Grandmaster is a really cool character.

We know he’s “the bad guy”, but for some reason we automatically like him. He’s manipulative and sneaky – like any true politician (no wonder he makes fast friends with Loki; btw all the scenes with those two are hilarious), yet there is a charm to it.

And his aversion to the “S-word” (Slaves) is totally amusing (Remember people, we don’t call them “Slaves”,  we call them “Prisoners with Jobs”)



8. Loki’s “clapback” at Thor with “He’s adopted” excuse

A throwback to 2012: One of the funniest scenes from “The Avengers” is when Thor, confronted by the rest of the gang with all the atrocity Loki has committed, tries to distance himself from the brother by saying “He’s adopted”.

The “He’s adopted” Scene from Avengers

In Ragnarok, Thor desperately tries to convince Loki to help him escape Sakaar but Loki refuses. Both of them argue, which attracts the attention of The Grandmaster who asks if they know each other. Loki denies knowing Thor all together, which angers “God of Thunder” to the point of yelling: “He’s my brother!”

To which Loki replies: “Adopted”


9. That time when Korg sums up Thor’s relationship with Mjolnir in one brilliant masturbation joke

Marvel creators have a very subtle way of sneaking in some kinky jokes  “here and there” and we all love it.

They are seamless enough for the kids not to notice, yet naughty enough to give adults a little pleasure for our dirty minds. One of the most famous “smuggled-in” dirty jokes ever, was the “Jackson Pollock painting” in the “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

/-  Mom, why are you laughing?
–  I’ll tell you in few years, honey /

If you have missed it while watching GoTG, or didn’t get it (like my daughter) I strongly encourage you to check out how Jackson Pollock’s paintings look like.

“The Jackson Pollock” painting joke in “Guardians of the Galaxy”

In Ragnarok, “the inappropriate joke” is smuggled into a conversation between Thor and Korg about Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer). Adorably confused Krog is interpreting every single Thor’s line in a sexual, but inexplicit way and you can’t stop laughing, especially when he says:

Oh My God, the Hammer pulled you off?! 


10. That time when Thor begs Stan Lee not to cut his hair

Avengers movie without Stan Lee’s cameo is not an Avengers movie, to begin with. All of his cameos are memorable, but most of them have to be somehow “forced” into the plot line as an unrelated scene. But not this time!

/btw, if you still don’t know who “that old guy” who randomly appears in Marvel movies is, check it out here/

Just before the duel with Hulk, Thor is going through some preparations and one of them includes a total hair makeover. It’s hilarious to watch Stan Lee as a “creepy old guy” (Thor’s words, not mine), trying to cut his hair with a very odd-looking device. It also marks the transition of Thor’s character from the pompous “God of Thunder” (the attitude, he had in all the Avengers movies so far), to the more approachable guy, who cries: “Please, please dear Sir, DO NOT CUT THE HAIR!”


11. Thor vs. Hulk Fight

That fight is everything we’ve been waiting for, but it actually provides way more than it was expected.

Not only is it visually stunning, but it also gives us laughs and introduces already legendary line “He’s a friend from work!”

From Thor’s attempts to “open up” in front of Hulk about his trauma caused by losing Mjolnir, Loki’s hilarious reactions (including: “That’s what that feels like!”), to the very first glimpse of Thor’s true “Thunder-ly” capabilities, the scene is a pure GOLD.

“Oh My God, the Hammer pulled you off?!” and “He’s a friend from work” scenes


12. That time when Chris Hemsworth goes shirtless for about 15 seconds

I get it. It’s gender-biased and not much relevant to the plot of the movie, but seriously, OMG. That scene is pure honey – even better than Chris Pratt’s GotG “Prison scene”.

Star Lord goes shirtless

Ladies (and some Gents), I am telling you – if no other reasons convince you, consider this one. I can bet that this scene’s main purpose is to award Chris Hemsworth’s efforts and allow him to show off the results of his harsh and deadly gym routine.

So let’s show him that we appreciate it and buy a cinema ticket to see him topless.

He deserves it. And we deserve it as well.


13:  Thor & Loki “Get help” trick

So we all know that Thor and Loki are brothers, but in full honesty, they never really behaved like ones. Personally, I’ve found it pretty bizarre to observe Thor “mourning” the death of Loki (several times), while not really feeling that there was an emotional connection between them, to begin with.

This “Thor” installment finally shows – more than any other movie in the franchise – that Thor and Loki are indeed brothers, even if “only adopted” (pun intended). In the brilliant “Get Help” scene, brothers are using an old trick they’ve invented in the past to get to through the guards and it is totally amusing – especially the part when they argue if the trick is “humiliating” or not.

The “Get Help” trick


14. Hulk gets personality

OK, it’s a personality of a 5-year-old but it still counts.

All these years we are used to seeing The Hulk as this totally mindless monster whose one and only purpose is to destroy and ravage. In Ragnarok, we get a glimpse of what Hulk actually does in his “free time” – that’s the time when he doesn’t fight and demolish but is not transformed into Banner neither.

The funniest moments are when both superheroes are arguing – over which one of them is “the bad friend”, who has “more fire” or who is “the stupid Avenger”. All in all, we see that Hulk is just an over-sensitive, mentally challenged kid with a serious anger management issue and this somehow makes us like him more.

thor and hulk.jpg


15. Voice Activation Required aka “Welcome, the Strongest Avenger”

When Thor finally gets to the spacecraft and is almost ready to escape Sakaar, all he needs to do is to activate the controls of the ship with the right password. The password is a combination of a specific word and his own voice, so every Avenger has it’s own special voice activation “bingo” to hit.

The Challenge is, the passwords were programmed by no other than Tony Stark.

Thor tries a couple of typical combinations (Including “Strongest Avenger”. Twice.) but the one that works is truly hilarious.

Plus, you get to see who the “the Strongest Avenger” is.


16. Banner gets a personality too – and it’s not what we’re used to

We are used to the rather two-dimensional representation of Banner: He is either super smart, rather collected and rational “Bruce the scientist” or a raging green monster that you cannot reason with – “The Hulk”.

“Thor: Ragnarok” shows us yet another face of Banner – hilarious, slightly paranoid and sensitive dude who at times comes across as a total mess. From going incognito as “Tony Stark”, to being oversensitive when realizing that “Thor may like Hulk more than me”, the “New Banner” is a pure pleasure to watch.



17. The Revengers and “I know you from somewhere”

When Thor finally manages to assemble a team (consisting of him, freshly-transformed-slightly-panicked Banner and constantly intoxicated Valkyrie), he gives it a new name. As “Avengers” is obviously taken, he goes for “Revengers” – although Banner is still “undecided” for what he wants to take his revenge and on whom.

It’s also really amusing to watch how Banner and Valkyrie are trying to figure out from where they know each other (Banner doesn’t remember much from his two years as Hulk on Sakaar, and Valkyrie cannot make the connection that the green giant she was training for the past 2 years is now this slightly odd dude with “seven PhDs”).


The Revengers


18. That time, when Thor whines about the “snake incident”

Another really hilarious scene (that again remind us that Thor and Loki are actual brothers raised together) is when God of Thunder shares “the snake incident” story with “The Revengers”. 8-year-old Loki tricked Thor into believing he was a snake, and when Thor started to play with it (him), Loki stabbed him.

Thor obviously is still not really over the entire incident; Loki only rolls his eyes and his facial expression says: “Dude, we were eight, let it go”



19. That time when Banner “face-lands” on Bifrost

When we’re finally back in Asgard and Thor faces Hela in a final duel, Banner needs to make a decision if he wants to step up and transform into Hulk to save Asgardians from “a big stupid dog” (Valkyrie words, not mine). He knows the risks to stay trapped in Hulk personality for the rest of his days, but he decides to sacrifice.

It’s a double sacrifice; when Banner jumps out of the spaceship he assumes he will transform into Hulk just before he hit the Bifrost.

He assumes wrong.

Banner’s “face-landing” on Bifrost is both painful and hilarious to watch; one of those awkward moments when you stop whatever you were doing and just stare in silence trying not to laugh too hard (unless you’re in cinema – then it’s cool)


20. That time when Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” is on

As far as the soundtrack is concerned, it’s hard to match the level of awesomeness introduced by the Guardians of the Galaxy. And in the category of a “leading song”, GoTG 2′ “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac raised the bar to a whole new – seemingly unreachable – level.

Until of course,  the “Immigrant Song”

It was already spectacular in all the Ragnarok trailers, but each time the “Immigrant Song” is featured in the movie, you get literally electrified; the wailing cry and well-known repeating riff is a perfect background for any slow-motioned prelude to “I’m gonna whoop your ass really hard” scene. Plus, all those references to Hammers, Vikings, and Valhalla in the lyrics… If we were in a retirement home, now it would be the high time to yell BINGO.


The verdict: Witty, exciting, hilarious. 

And did I mentioned… THE BEST Avengers movie ever made?

You’ll love “Thor: Ragnarok”- regardless if you’re Marvel Fan or not. So do yourself a favor and move your sweet ass to the closest cinema RIGHT NOW. You won’t regret it and if you’re cinema-obsessed like me, you may find yourself watching it twice.